Welcome to Wennington Hall School

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School Mission Statement

Wennington Hall is a Day and Residential School where education is regarded as the foundation stone for each pupil's future, individuals are valued for themselves and where all are expected to give of their best. 

We believe in equality of opportunity for all children and provide a high quality of care and education.

We believe all children have basic rights of individuality, fairness, respect and dignity.  Individual needs are seen as "difference" rather than disability.  These needs are positively addressed in order to prepare pupils for adult life.  The school is committed to seeking and taking fully into account the views of the children in its work.

Introduction by Headteacher

Picture of Head Teacher

I am writing these few words of welcome on behalf of the Staff, Governors and Pupils of Wennington Hall School. We provide a high quality educational experience which hopefully places our pupils in a position to make a positive choice about their futures. Our school is an orderly establishment where high standards, hard work and sensible behaviour are the expected norm. Not only does this ensure a safe and happy environment, but a willingness to achieve and apply oneself. No site will convey all the information you may want, so do feel free to ask questions, make comments, and above all, come and see us and talk to the staff.

Yours sincerely,

J.W.N. Prendergast